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Free Workshop Series:
It's Your Money / It's Your Estate

Finance and estate decisions require knowledge in many areas: accounting, finance, law, insurance, taxes, investments and charitable planning. In partnership with several non-profit organizations, Chapman University hosts a series of free workshops throughout Orange County every spring and fall. We invite you to attend and learn how to make wiser, more fully informed decisions about your financial future. Please note that the dates and times of the program listed are tentative and subject to change.

There are no fees. You may attend an entire series or the individual sessions of your choice.
  • No commercial or for-profit sponsors.
  • No speakers receive attendees' names, addresses or phone numbers.
  • No financial or insurance product will be sold.
  • No charity will solicit you for a donation.

WORKSHOP MISSION: To provide the resources people need to make confident financial, estate and charitable decisions.
  • IT'S YOUR MONEY - In the "It's Your Money" program our presenters teach attendees to identify financial sales people; understand the financial planning process (net worth, budget, goals and objectives, projection, investments); equity and fixed income investing; the importance for the professional advisor to be a fiduciary; and how a Charitable Gift Annuity is different than a commercial annuity. They discuss scams including those involving charity. One of the biggest fears for seniors is running out of money. The series helps individuals to assess their personal situation and prepare for the future.
  • IT'S YOUR ESTATE - In the "It's Your Estate" program our presenters teach the following topics: Will, Probate, Durable Powers, Advanced Health Care Directive and establishing a Living Trust. Our presenters also explain the possible value of charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. We want to present a series that is so comfortable that you will recommend it to friends and family.

RSVP to Lindsey Jacobs at (714) 628-7311 or ljacobs@chapman.edu

NEWPORT BEACH – "It's Your Money" Mondays, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Newport Beach Central Library, 1000 Avocado, Newport Beach, CA
09-12-16 Introduction & Quiz [Peter Kote]
09-19-16 Annuities & Mutual Funds [Peter Kote & Neal Rutter]
09-26-16 Financial Planning I [Mark Rylance]
10-03-16 Financial Planning II [Mark Rylance]
10-10-16 Long Term Care Planning [Kari Buist-Baker & Peter Kote]
10-17-16 Equity Investing [Mark Hebner]
10-24-16 Fixed Income Investing [Laura Tarbox]
10-31-16 The Big Takeaway & Contest [Carl Lachman/John Prichard]

IRVINE* – "It's Your Money" Mondays, 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Lakeview Senior Center, 20 Lake Road, Irvine, CA
09-12-16 Introduction & Quiz [Trevor Murphy]
09-19-16 Annuities & Mutual Funds [Peter Kote & Neal Rutter]
09-26-16 Financial Planning I [Marty McNamara & Patrick Chu]
10-03-16 Financial Planning II [Marty McNamara & Patrick Chu]
10-10-16 Long Term Care Planning [Andrea Deeheart & Peter Kote]
10-17-16 Equity Investing [Patrick Powers]
10-24-16 Fixed Income Investing [Julie Anderson]
10-31-16 The Big Takeaway & Contest [Meghan Coolbaugh/Neal Rutter]
*Pre-registration required, see RSVP details below

ORANGE – "It's Your Estate!" Tuesdays, 9:30 to 11 a.m.

Orange Public Library, 407 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA
09-13-16 Introduction & Quiz [Peter Kote]
09-20-16 Estate Planning Basics [Daryl Miller]
09-27-16 Planning for Incapacity [Teresa Gorman]
10-04-16 Living Trusts & More [R. Zebulon Law]
10-11-16 Charitable Income & Tax Planning Issues [David Moore]
10-18-16 Retirement Account Planning [Michael Simon]
10-25-16 The Role of a Trustee & Executor [Peter Kote/Stephen Minana]
11-01-16 Case Study/Review [Peter Kote/Steve Bemis]

LAGUNA NIGUEL– "It's Your Estate" Tuesdays, 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Sea Country Center, 24602 Aliso Creek Road, Laguna Niguel, CA
09-13-16 Introduction & Quiz [Richard Huntington]
09-20-16 Estate Planning Basics [Noelle Minto]
09-27-16 Planning for Incapacity [Fred Muscarella]
10-04-16 Living Trusts & More [Cynthia Roehl]
10-11-16 Charitable Income & Tax Planning Issues [Debra Cox]
10-18-16 Retirement Account Planning [Brian Mandel]
10-25-16 The Role of a Trustee & Executor [Northern Trust & Richard Huntington]
11-01-16 Case Study/Review [Steve Bemis & Richard Huntington]

BREA– "It's Your Estate!" Tuesdays, 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Brea Senior Center, 500 Sievers Avenue, Brea, CA
09-13-16 Introduction & Quiz [Peter Kote]
09-20-16 Estate Planning Basics [Holly Nabiey]
09-27-16 Planning for Incapacity [Todd M. Litman]
10-04-16 Living Trusts & More [James Leese]
10-11-16 Retirement Account Planning [Michael Simon]
10-18-16 Charitable Income & Tax Planning Issues [Carolyn Swanson/Peter Kote]
10-25-16 The Role of a Trustee & Executor [Mark Hardtke & Peter Kote]
11-01-16 Case Study/Review [Peter Kote]

FULLERTON – "It's Your Money!" Thursdays, 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Fullerton Community Center, Grand Hall A & B, 340 W Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA
09-01-16 Introduction & Quiz [Peter Kote]
09-08-16 Annuities & Mutual Funds [Neal Rutter & Peter Kote]
09-15-16 Financial Planning I [David MacLeod]
09-22-16 Financial Planning II [David MacLeod]
09-29-16 Long Term Care Planning [Linda Stempel & Peter Kote]
10-06-16 Equity Investing [Robert McDaniel]
10-13-16 Fixed Income Investing [Russell Hall]
10-20-16 The Big Takeaway & Contest [Carl Lachman]

COSTA MESA – "It's Your Money!" Fridays, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Orange Coast Community College, Student Union Center, 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA
09-23-16 Introduction & Quiz [Trevor Murphy]
09-30-16 Annuities & Mutual Funds [Peter Kote & Neal Rutter]
10-07-16 Financial Planning I [Delia Fernandez]
10-14-16 Financial Planning II [Delia Fernazdez]
10-21-16 Long Term Care Planning [Peter Kote]
10-28-16 Equity Investing [Wade Slome]
11-04-16 Fixed Income Investing [Scott Anderson]
11-11-16 NO CLASS
11-28-16-16 The Big Takeaway & Contest [Meghan Coolbaugh/Neal Rutter]

MISSION VIEJO – "It's Your Money!" Thursdays, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Norman P. Murray Senior Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA
09-08-16 Introduction & Quiz [Richard Huntington]
09-15-16 Annuities & Mutual Funds [Neal Rutter & Richard Huntington]
09-22-16 No Class
09-29-16 Financial Planning I [Ashley Bleckner]
10-06-16 Financial Planning II [Ashley Bleckner]
10-13-16 Long Term Care Planning [Kari Buist-Baker & Peter Kote]
10-20-16 Equity Investing [William C. Cuthbertson]
10-27-16 Fixed Income Investing [Warren Isenberg]
11-03-16 The Big Takeaway & Contest [Meghan Coobaugh/Neal Rutter]

LAGUNA BEACH – "It's Your Estate!" Fridays, 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Laguna Beach Senior Center, 380 Third Street, Laguna Beach, CA
09-09-16 Introduction & Quiz [Peter Kote]
09-16-16 Estate Planning Basics [Timothy Gray]
09-23-16 Planning for Incapacity [Nicole Anderson]
09-30-16 Living Trusts & More [Leslie Draff]
10-07-16 Charitable Income & Tax Planning Issues [David Moore]
10-14-16 Retirement Account Planning [Michael Simon]
10-21-16 The Role of a Trustee & Executor [Stephen Minana & Peter Kote]
10-28-16 Case Study/Review [Steve Bemis & Peter Kote]

RSVP to Lindsey Jacobs at (714) 628-7311 or ljacobs@chapman.edu


The spring series will take place in March, April and May. To be notified when more information is available, contact David B. Moore at dmoore@chapman.edu or (714) 516-4590.